Why Do Men Stay Single

I wanted to write a post on “Reasons men stay single” but then I realized that there’s a high chance I might end up not listing all. These reasons have evolved and increased over the years just as technology has developed. You know a few reasons men give include, “I love my privacy,”  “I’m living my life,” “I need to make more money,” “I’m not sure I will be a good father,” “I’ve not found a loving woman,” and lots more…I’m not trying to lash out at men but this post is for good reason.

We all desire privacy and want to live our lives, we seek for the best; I know for a fact that single life is significant but I think it should only be for a time that leads to maturity. There are many more single women waiting to meet men ready to outgrow the single man status, yet the number grows every day. God created every man with a missing rib and until you find it, you will never be fulfilled in life.


Men have thousands of reason to stay single thus indicating many more irrational motives and belief towards this action; with all sincerity, men don’t even have a genuine reason for wanting to stay single and I’ve realized over time that they will always have excuses for everything pertaining to staying single.

Why do men stay single? Kindly share your opinions.

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22 thoughts on “Why Do Men Stay Single”

  1. Freedom is likely the biggest thing. Not being tied down. Not just to one person but to one city, job, etc. I have a friend whom I don’t think will ever get married. He’s just not made for it. As one of my best friends, I’d rather he stay single than in a marriage he wishes he could escape. I was just like him, by the way, not wanting to be tied down and to maintain my freedom…until I met the woman who would change me and my trajectory forever. Maybe he meets a woman who does the same for him. But, that’s the only way I see him going the marriage route, and he’s 50 now, so it’s unlikely.

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  2. Wow…I do get it, I have a friend just like that but not in he’s 50’s yet and I bet he’s getting there very fast, he’s such a charming guy but battling with insecurities. He really wants to settle down but very scared. Hopefully your friend and mine would meet their missing ribs that would let them see all the reasons not to have to stay single forever. Thanks for sharing your thoughts dear💞😊

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  3. Lol😀 that’s probably a good idea and might be the next topic very soon. Like you said, it might save a few souls. Thanks for sharing, that’s very thoughtful of you💞😊

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  4. Oh, we’ve tried fixing him up, and he even lived with a women for a couple of years. But, the marriage thing is not something he seeks or needs. But, like I said, meeting the right person can change ones mind on that. 😃

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  5. You are absolutely right. Meeting the right person can change ones mind. I’m married to a man that never saw himself ever, ever getting married but he eventually did without any effort coming from me but just love. ☺ So I guess it will happen to him one day just might be a long time or who knows, could be soon😃

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  6. I have never being married, and I think never will. I loved a woman very much and she betrayed me. Since them I don’t trust anyone. I know, no everybody is the same, but I don’t want to go thru another recurrent depression.

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  7. So sorry you had that experience Melito, it’s understandable it created fear for a second occurence but I wish you real love and happiness soon because everybody deserves it.❤

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  8. I read somewhere that ..”women marry men hoping to change them; men marry women hoping they won’t change.” There’s some truth to this.

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  9. Great post, Eddaz! It should also be why do women stay single.😁 It’s because I have a sister who’s still single. One day (a long time ago 😄😂), she told me her reasons for why she doesn’t want to get married. According to her, she can’t find someone that matches her personality. Oh, I’ll admit she’s the most intellectual but I’m wiser. 😁😂 Anyway, most men she dated bored her. And she doesn’t want the commitment she sees in us. She has a boyfriend but I doubt if she’ll get married. 😉

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  10. 😀 ok Winnie I will also add it to my list of topics to write. I hope your sister finds a man that matches her personality soon but of course you are wiser😀 I know that for a fact and thanks for sharing your thoughts💝

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  11. Hmmmm, interesting. It strikes a chord with me given as I’m recently single and have every intention of remaining so for a long time. Speaking from experience, I think the freedom to come and go as one pleases and be fully in control of ones life is more the reason than perhaps wishing to flit from one night stand to one night stand.

    Being in a relationship means willingly giving yourself to a person and putting yourself second to that person. If you put yourself first at any point throughout then your significant other will invariably raise issue with it and perhaps even label you selfish.

    Perhaps it’s a case of either having been previously burned and not wishing to take chances again, or maybe they’ve seen other people broken by relationships and that’s made them skeptical.

    Of course, we won’t rule out those whose desire it is to sleep around. To each one’s own I guess.

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