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Just A Facade

Would you reveal your true self to the outside world? Great post written by Izht.


img_2937 The lonely path

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going

Everyone has a shield towards the outside world. They do not reveal who they truly are in the outside world easily. Unless it’s only to your very close friends. Consequently, being such a judgemental society, we tend to judge people just by the facade they see on the outside. With this passing judgment, an affirmation is being set.

Today, this post that I’m writing is a reminder to myself. In the eyes of my colleagues, I’m a capable, strong and determined lady trying to achieve something in my career. In my friends’ eyes, they know the rocky road I’m heading for and they cannot do anything to help me. Just by being there is good enough.

For every laughter I laugh, there’s a pain behind it
For every smile I have, there’s a sorrow behind it
For every…

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What Men see When They Look at Women

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a man when he sees an attractive lady with gorgeous smile set across her face, full sumptuous lips like berry, beautifully set backside, and glowing skin.

I have seen it times without number! In my estimation, men simply love to express their gratitude with their EYES ON WOMEN.

What transpires in the mind of a man when this happens,  I heard it’s called CHEMICAL HIGH. Such as when water is been added into an acid.

Men, regardless of their status quo, whether married or single… look at women, this is a fact that needs to be acknowledged, their is no way out of the truth.


Men have been programmed in such a way to appreciate the physical structure of women… be it naked or fully clothed; Women should’t allow this affect their way of life or relationship with their partner, men will always stare at women. Some  men go as far as stripping a fully clothed women naked with their eyes, their ripples of thoughts go as wild as having sex with the woman on the spot or trying to decide which sex position will befit the lady…..Some obviously gaze just to admire the beauty of a lady.

It’s ridiculous when some of these men go as far as five rounds of sex on a pinpoint with their thoughts. What a high sexual drive that is.

Yet, it is carried overboard by some men where they can’t control their thoughts; this type of men are the ones that ladies should be aware of and take caution.

Here is my own take; Since evolution, men have always had a high sexual drive which in most cases control their thoughts.

Women have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are jogging or you simply make a sudden movement and a man just sits-stares at your bouncing boobs, it’s so amazing how men can flaunt their eyes in such a devastating manner, even so, it’s all about appreciating the woman’s SEXY BOOBS… I guess some men just try to guess the size of a lady’s breast, if it’s an A cup, C cup or DD….


As for those women trying not to shake their bootylicious bottom too often; These bits don’t bother guys, they will stare UNTIL THEY START SHIVERING like they are in winter whilst in summer. So shake it as much as you love to; You are endowed.


I had an experience in high school, where a male student walked up to me and said, “anytime I set my eyes on you, I feel like wrapping you up in my arms because you look so seductive,” I actually didn’t know how to respond to the nonsense talk at that moment since I was still kind of innocent, so I walked off in a confused state….Now I know better.

I decided to write this article because I saw a scenario where my colleague gawked openly at a female client, I got concerned when he looked away, sat down at his desk like he was going to start shedding tears.

Here is what happened:

Me: Frank, are you alright?

Frank: Yes, yes I am.

Me:Why did you stare at the lady that way?

Frank: I didn’t know you where watching.

Me: I just noticed what happened briefly.

Frank: You Know…..I appreciate women but I have never seen anything like this in real life.

Me: What is it?

Frank: Didn’t you see her lips? It’s battered with surgery. I was busy admiring her physical stature when my eyes wondered to her face.

Believe me, men see too many things on women.