How Not To Stay Single

I published a post on my blog two weeks ago on “Why Men Stay Single,” hence based on one of my dear readers who asked me to write on this topic, “How not to stay single,” here we go. But note, I’m not a relationship expert, everything I write on my blog based on relationships, love, and marriage is of my opinion, research, and true life experiences.

It’s a state of mind when you panic about being single, it should be considered as a learning period; Once you accept the position in your life, it will surprise you how other things will fall into place, things you never expected nor planned. Getting married or entering a long-term relationship is not the end to your struggles… believe me; It’s an eye-opener and another learning ground. But the good news is that if you meet the right person who is willing to travel on the same path – you will be able to rock the boat together regardless of the storms…


If you don’t want to stay single, consider the following…

-Accept that you are single.

-Search your heart since no one is listening to your thoughts and ask yourself if you are ready for a relationship.

-If you feel insecure or have biased feelings about dating but unwilling to stay single, you might need to make some visits to your therapy.

-Stay happy and take time to discover yourself.

-You will make mistakes but never be hard on yourself.

-Acknowledge that no one is perfect.


-Don’t be selective of men or women to date.

-Build your confidence, work on your charisma, be real.

-Always put yourself together.

-Don’t rush into any relationship because you don’t want to stay single.

-Don’t dwell on the past but look forward to the future with joy on the horizon.

-Don’t make a list of what the ideal partner should be but open your heart.

-Prepare yourself for agreements, disagreements, love, long-term commitment and whatever you might encounter when you start dating.

-Be ready to let go, there will be times you must sacrifice your desires to make your partner happy.

When your ‘OWN’ partner comes, nothing can stop you from being together… NOTHING

If the relationship doesn’t work out, move on and stay happy, never lose confidence in yourself because it means that you and the person aren’t meant to be together.

Feel free to share your opinions on how not to stay single.

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25 thoughts on “How Not To Stay Single”

  1. Yup . Yes , I am happy being single . It seems golden chance to enjoy life with quality friends and loving family.
    And somewhere waiting for true partner , till then Why not have some fun 😁🤗

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  2. You’re very right and definitely doing the best thing..believe me when the time is right, it won’t pass you by…have fun and stay happy Sharya ❤


  3. I think you covered all bases nicely there. I definitely think learning to love yourself before trying to get someone to live you is the best thing to do, otherwise you’ll just find yourself insecure that your partner is going to find someone who’s more ‘complete’ than you are. Also accepting some flaws you have is a must. Too many people try to hide their flaws and that, in my eyes, is deceptive. You have to be prepared to say “This is me; take it or leave it” when you meet someone.

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  4. Thanks for contributing Paul, you know I learn a lot from your comments, because you emphasize further and add to it brilliantly. Thanks a lot❤😊


  5. That is so true i totally agree with that as well cause you can be single and be happy and still move on with life.. but if you want to be married you gotta know when take it serious

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