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Little Things That Matter In Life

What exactly  does it mean when that word LIFE is mentioned? It’s all about everything that surrounds us, that goes on in our environment, people, character, it encompasses everything that makes us human, both known and unknown. According to the Wikipedia, it says life is partially a process not a substance. Life is not a nightmare.

There are various things that matter in life which cannot be compromised, but I would like to lay emphasis on the little things that matter in life.

However take note that some of this little things are very important to some of us in our daily lives and cannot be underestimated. Little things that matter to you might be the greatest need in life for others or better-still for you-eddaz.

I met a guy once who told me that women matter a lot in his life, I asked why and his reply was that, women made him who he is, women love him for no particular reason and would go at any length to make him have every one of his needs. For me, it sounds kinda funny but it’s actually an essential little thing which turned significant in his life.

We need to take cognizance of this little things in out life, what are there values, how far have they journeyed with us. Writing matters to me but it’s of no relevance to some people, most important thing is it matters to me and I would love to explore it more.

“It has been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important”-The memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

For some of us little things that matter to us could vary from family, career, education, health, for some of us, it’s clothes, makeup kits, gadgets, flowers, sharing gifts, having get together functions, sporting events, watching movies, singing, name it….However how little it seems, the most important thing is it matters to you, so keep enjoying it, you might look back down memory lane and realise it was a life saver for you  or something bigger. If the things that matter in your life are totally wrong, then give up on it. We have to stop gaining pleasure from things that hurt people so bad.

For me little things that matter are gestures like opening doors for the elderly people, helping someone in need, a little smile goes a long way for me. ..Try to encourage little things in life such as sharing with the less privileged, a little assistance for the needy, kind words to people around you, keeping the environment clean, a little tip once in a while as sign of appreciation.

Challenge yourself today that henceforth each day or trice a week you will buy a plate of meal for someone in need, give out some of your old things, you never know who might be in great need of this things. Take note of your environment and do the needful.Go on a short trip, have fun…







Change of Theme

Hello Everyone,

Thanks so much in this journey of blogging. This is still eddaz.com, just a change of theme and one or two more changes to come on the font and sidebar. Kindly note that you are in the right place.

I realised that I needed to change my theme for ease of access, where my side bar will be staring right at me and you. I really do hope you like it.

Thanks for your understanding.


A Letter to my Lover

Hello My Lover,

What would it take for us to be together?

What would it take to have us in each others arms?

What would it take for me to stop having sleepless nights?

I’m writing this letter expressing my heartfelt emotions to you, my needs are becoming endless, my love for you has blossomed, I need you more than before. I want to claim what’s mine- I can no longer wait. The distance between us seem to enlarge everyday, It tears my heart apart to know that I can’t reach you, I can’t touch you, neither can I look into your eyes to see compassion...

I break down in tears everyday knowing you are too far from me, I wish to join you but I can’t, I want to hold you, I want to feel your heartbeat, I need to feel the chemistry. When I sleep at night, I feel the wind across the room, and I hear you whisper in the air, “I love you.”

Why can’t you come to me? I kneel and pray to God everyday to make me set my eyes on you… What is stopping you? I need you so much, my heart is weakening, my life makes no sense without you by my side. Where are you?

Oh my lover! I find it hard to breath now…I feel choked by your absence, I need to breath again, when has the air gotten tagged with a price, why has it suddenly gone scarce? The stars have stopped falling from the sky for me to make wishes anymore. I know not what went wrong. I can no longer wish for you to come…but to tell you to come.

What would it take for me to be your perfect woman? I am not perfect, I am not descent, I am not the most honorable woman but what matters most is that, I AM YOUR PERFECT WOMAN! I was made and prepared for you!

Dear lover, what would it take for me to be the world that revolves around you, would it make you come to me? I would be your whore in bed, I would be that career woman you you’ve always admired, I would become that chef you want, I would become your super woman, I would sing into your heart until you are at peace, I would stroke you so passionately you would never turn your back on me….eddaz

My Love, in my heart, I do read your letters. I have kept them safely where no one can ever reach them, they are the only comfort I have right now, I hug them every night so that I can sleep in peace…It’s time for you to come home to me, home is where the heart is they say, this is where your heart is. I have prepared a bouquet with the best of the best fragrance for you, your arrival is long awaited, everything is set, I am on fire for you, I am set for you —PLEASE COME HOME.


Boost Your Self Confidence

I have heard of several instances where self esteem is a problem for so many, it has degenerated to a level so high in the life of an individual that they feel they can’t overcome it. It advances with them to adulthood to the extent that some people find it so hard to perform well in interviews, it makes some people avoid socializing, some find it so difficult to do things that will make them happy-because they think they will never be approved of.

It usually arises from early growth, where parents are being overprotective of the child; criticism is also an element, when a child is being pushed to hard, it makes him loose confidence, parents who criticize their children over every little detail or failure are not only killing their confidence but are also crippling their spirit.We as humans will take cognisance of it and decide to use it then bullying sets in.This can only maim an individual development, self esteem, self knowledge and growth. We don’t want this to happen to any of our loved one…

If you grew up this way, it’s never too late to get out of that bondage, that is what is seems to be…Think positive, be optimistic, never allow criticism get to you. People can’t bring you down, they can only try. Don’t allow your feelings be toyed with, you are the determinant of how people treat you, live your heart into their hands, then you are already under their control for manipulation.

Enhancing your self esteem will pave way in facing challenges, it helps you to meet the right people in the right social gathering, It helps you in development of your writing skills and not giving up in what you believe in no matter how many times you fail at it. You want to blog? You want to publish a book? You want to sing? Why not just take one step of confidence today and try whatever is bugging your mind and giving you sleepless nights as long as its’ not a bad thing…

How do you build self confidence? Say to yourself everyday,”I will try harder today, I will be confident today.” Be bold, take informed risks, challenge yourself, love yourself, always remind yourself that you want to succeed at whatever you do but you can only achieve it through confidence. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Today is Monday! Be confident in achieving success at whatever you will embark on.




Muse of My Writing

O! there goes my seeking gull

My muse, precious gem, carrier…

In disquietude I have waited

The world is too much to occupy

Inspiration fading into thin smoke

My mouth has gone sour

Heart beats, soaked in blood

Rythm of thirst in my throat

Fly, fly, fly…..

Sing songs of meditation

Into my belly, fill it with words,

Which inspires, Voices out from my mouth

Imprinted down without repetitions

I soar with you, recognizing the weight of encumbrance

Be damned, bonfire needless to say

Syncopation air flow the words into my being

whole I am again, my soul which grew dark

Is filled with songs of the wind

Deep into the sea, I find my bond

Gush out to the surface

Which flows back into my burnt hands

Concurrently I put down the writings

So that I can live again.







All About Enriching Women

Several significant body of researches have revealed that for women, the controversial gender inequality in organisations has led to a decline in the motivation of women becoming leaders.

A few women have been able to rise to the top becoming ceo’s, managing directors of companies while some have taken up political positions in the society. Women entrepreneurship is on the rise in the society now like never before, this is a positive step in the evolution of change for women

As a woman’s leadership capabilities grow and opportunities are given to them, it brings purpose for a woman to rise and have a voice in a challenging environment. In a geographical area where women empowerment is embraced, it gives room for a long thread of head start such as enlightenment on the female child growth where awareness is created on their physical changes as they advance into womanhood.

It doesn’t stop at that; Illiteracy will be  reduced especially in developing countries, education is encouraged which increases career opportunities, and in turn helps women in having finances to assist in home affairs with their family. Women will arise…..

blogger recognition award


Blogger Recognition Award

I want to thank this lovely blogger for the award, Eloraquence– A Phoenix on a journey of exploring and inspiring. She’s a great blogger with lovely posts, check it out and have fun.

Rules for Participating in Blogger Recognition Award:

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How my blog started

You must know that I had wanted to start this blog about five years ago but I got distracted by 8-5, guess you know what I mean…. One day I said to myself,” I will never be happy if I don’t blog.” Here I am ‘A Blogger’. I started writing out poems at the age of fourteen, and now a blogger very close to publishing my first book. Writing is my joy…

Advice to new bloggers

Embrace blogging! Love blogging no matter how horrible you write, one day we’ll all get there and remember where we started from.

Links will be sent to nominees soon, kindly permit me to show my appreciation to you guys. Thank you.